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Sowl - Caliente

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Contains 10 sachets

Our #CALIENTE tea is indispensable for that warmer moment with bae or crush. A natural stimulant rich in caffeine and ingredients that enhance sexual performance, it will help even more to raise the temperature of your relationships and increase your libido production.


It's always good to spice up the relationship and make that sexual desire for your partner even more potent. As we accompany you at all times, nothing better than to improve even more this delicious feeling with this tea. Your fire and performance will only increase.


  • Black Tea: Distinguished by its intense flavor and containing a high amount of caffeine, facilitating digestion, it also has an antioxidant action, which helps to improve mood.
  • Guarana: A very common medicinal plant in the Amazon region, it is highly recommended as a home remedy for excessive physical or mental fatigue, stress, lack of energy and lack of appetite.
  • Peruvian Maca: Excellent natural energizer, it is rich in fibers and essential fats that nourish the body and contribute to increased physical vigor. It has important medicinal properties and is traditionally used to increase libido and vitality, improving concentration and stimulating sexual desires.
  • Catuaba: Also known as alecrim-do-campo, it is a medicinal plant widely used to provide energy to the body and solve problems of impotence, as it increases libido and blood flow.
  • Clove: With great medicinal action, filled with sources of nutrients such as vitamin A and E, in addition to combating pain and infections, it helps to increase sexual appetite, increasing libido production and stimulating sexual desire.
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Sowl - Caliente
Sowl - Caliente
Sowl - Caliente