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Shorts High La Luna

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    Short em tecido soft com estampa exclusiva Melt.

    Cor do fundo: preto

    Referência para tamanhos:
    Tamanho P: 36/38
    Tamanho M:  40
    Tamanho G: 42/44

    Tecido Soft Shine

    Take care of your pieces with care by following these tips:

    • Cold water: Always wash with cold water to keep your items soft and shiny.

    • No soaking: Avoid leaving the items soaking for a long time, wash them quickly and gently.

    Mild soap: Use neutral soap for gentle cleaning, preserving vibrant colors.

    • Goodbye, fabric softener: Avoid fabric softener, it can compromise the softness of delicate fibers.

    No bleach: Do not use bleach as it can damage and discolor your fabrics.

    Hand wash: If possible, hand wash for extra care.

    With these tips, your delicate pieces will remain beautiful and last for a long time.

    Shorts High La Luna
    Shorts High La Luna