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Calça Legging Slim La Luna

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    Legging com modelagem mais estreita, sem elástico, apenas o elastano do tecido. É uma legging mais justa na primeira prova, mas depois abraça seu corpo de uma forma muito confortável. Ela é mais alta e mais comprida que os outros modelos. 

    Cor do fundo: preto

    Referência para tamanhos:

    Tamanho P: 34/36
    Tamanho M: 38
    Tamanho G: 40/42

    Tecido Soft Shine

    About our leggings

    Melt leggings are designed to dress the body as comfortably as possible.

    Therefore, we created two models that look very similar, but are actually quite different. They are SLIM and HIGH.

    When we look at them, they look the same, but their way of dressing is very different.

    The SLIM leggings have a slim fit, higher and longer. She is made without any elastic, except for the elastane of the fabric itself, so it wears like a pantyhose. In the first test, it is difficult to pass the hip, but after that passes it adjusts to the body like a second skin. Super values ​​female forms.

    The HIGH leggings have a more traditional design, with a high waist, but with thin elastics that facilitate its support.

    They are subtle differences, but they adapt to our differences!

    Take care of your pieces with care by following these tips:

    • Cold water: Always wash with cold water to keep your items soft and shiny.

    • No soaking: Avoid leaving the items soaking for a long time, wash them quickly and gently.

    Mild soap: Use neutral soap for gentle cleaning, preserving vibrant colors.

    • Goodbye, fabric softener: Avoid fabric softener, it can compromise the softness of delicate fibers.

    No bleach: Do not use bleach as it can damage and discolor your fabrics.

    Hand wash: If possible, hand wash for extra care.

    With these tips, your delicate pieces will remain beautiful and last for a long time.

    Calça Legging Slim La Luna
    Calça Legging Slim La Luna