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Sowl - Hangover

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    Contains 10 sachets

    Our #RESSACURA tea will help you to recover, mentally and physically, from that moment when you went a little overboard enjoying yourself with friends. Composed of astringent and digestive ingredients, rich in mineral salts, it will act directly on your liver and end that unpleasant nausea and harmonize your intestinal flora.


    We always deserve to spend time with friends and family, catch up, laugh, dance and have a few drinks. But when you go a little over the edge or try that drink that will give you endless nausea and headache, it seems that nothing will help you get back to your well-being and tranquility. Ressacura will be your best company at this very distressing and boring moment, acting directly on all those annoyances caused by a hangover.


    • Boldo: Medicinal plant with several active substances, it is a great home remedy allied to the liver due to its digestive and hepatic properties, in addition to having diuretic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it stimulates the functioning and protection of the liver, aids in digestion and in bowel function.
    • Carqueja: Another important plant allied to the intestine, due to its anti-inflammatory and diuretic action, it is effective in regulating blood pressure, improving digestion and controlling blood sugar levels, in addition to strengthening the immune system.
    • Ginger: A powerful root that acts by detoxifying the organism and improving the functioning of the intestine, it helps to accelerate metabolism and fight liquid retention. With anti-inflammatory action, prevents nausea and vomiting.
    • Spirulina: Seaweed usually used as a food supplement, it is a surprising source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, strengthening the immune system and can also be used for weight loss because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components.
    • Menta: Great herb to strengthen immunity, it is rich in several vitamins like C, D and E and also a potent source of minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Combined, these vitamins and minerals work together to protect the body from infection and inflammation. Peppermint tea is a popular remedy for nausea and indigestion, as it increases the flow of bile, increasing the speed at which the body digests food.
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    Sowl - Hangover
    Sowl - Hangover
    Sowl - Hangover