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sowl - light

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    Contains 10 sachets

    Our #LIGHT tea is made up of plants and fibers that act directly on our body's digestion, performing an agile action in eliminating all that liquid and those impurities that insist on settling in our body. Essential in your daily life and #meuritualsowl.


    Constantly, when we look in the mirror, we complain about how, at times, our body retains fluids and how heavy or unmotivated we feel. This detoxifier will help you digest food, clean your body and expel all that liquid and unwanted weight. He will make all the difference in your health, your mood and your self-esteem during the week.


    • Hibiscus: Medicinal plant widely applied to help with weight loss, in addition, it helps in controlling blood pressure and even in preventing problems related to the liver.
    • Carqueja: A medicinal plant super suitable for improving digestion, combating gases and assisting in weight loss. With diuretic, anti-flu and anti-inflammatory action, it also contributes to the proper functioning of the liver, helping to eliminate toxins, in addition to treating constipation.
    • Orange Peel: Few people know, but the orange peel contains very important nutrients that should be consumed instead of discarded. Much like the fruit itself, orange peel is rich in a variety of nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C and plant compounds like polyphenols, which benefit digestive health.
    • Peppermint: Aromatic herb that can be used both in cooking and for medicinal purposes, has an analgesic action and helps in improving digestion, reducing nausea, insomnia and headache.
    • Rosemary: A plant that can be used as a natural antibiotic, it is a wonderful natural diuretic, improving the functioning of digestion and fighting fluid retention in the body. It also works by relieving headaches and fighting fatigue.
    • Pineapple: Tropical fruit from the citrus fruit family, it is rich in vitamin A, C and antioxidants, which enhance the effects of digestive enzymes, improve digestion and absorption of food by the small intestine. Its wide variety of vitamins, enzymes and minerals help to increase immunity and eliminate inflammation in the body.
    • Psyllium: Fiber from a medicinal plant, it has a gel rich in fibers that help in the formation of feces, absorbing water from our intestines and stimulating bowel movements, regularizing them and making them easier, maintaining general digestive health.


    By performing a direct action on our organism's digestion, it is indicated to be consumed at any time of the day! Be it right after waking up, with your meals and even before your workouts or physical activities, as it will promote a complete cleaning of your body, making you feel light, willing and gain extra energy at any time of the day. .

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    sowl - light
    sowl - light
    sowl - light