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New Sport Black Bikini Pants

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Attention: Our bikinis have a smaller size. We suggest purchasing a larger size.

Plain Black Bikini Panties in Microfiber - UV Protection.

Buy our bikini panties in black now in microfiber fabric.

Complete with invisible seams to avoid unwanted marks, and protection against UV rays for your comfort and safety.

Price refers to panties only, does not include top.

Take care of your pieces with care by following these tips:

• Cold water: Always wash with cold water to keep your items soft and shiny.

• No soaking: Avoid leaving the items soaking for a long time, wash them quickly and gently.

Mild soap: Use neutral soap for gentle cleaning, preserving vibrant colors.

• Goodbye, fabric softener: Avoid fabric softener, it can compromise the softness of delicate fibers.

No bleach: Do not use bleach as it can damage and discolor your fabrics.

Hand wash: If possible, hand wash for extra care.

With these tips, your delicate pieces will remain beautiful and last for a long time.

New Sport Black Bikini Pants
New Sport Black Bikini Pants
New Sport Black Bikini Pants